Get High or Get Rich?

New Jersey residents have some rather curious preferences. After a long online gambling legalization process, residents have suggested that the legalization of another…substance… would also fair well.

A recent poll conducted by Fairleigh Dickinson University’s PublicMind might cause people to wonder if New Jersey ought to have legalised marijuana instead of online gambling. According to the results of the survey, New Jersey residents would prefer weed, if it were legalised, to online gambling.

In fact, 41% of respondents said they support smoking marijuana recreationally, if it were legalised. And a modest 32% said they would gamble online. This proved worrying for some people, such as PublicMind director Krista Jenkins, who were under the impression that online gambling was gaining popularity.

“The public’s attitude was, for several years, warming up to online gambling,” Jenkins said. “But there has been a clear change in direction now that the practice has actually been legalized. Part of the public has always shown deep reluctance to make gambling so accessible in their own homes. Now that it is in fact legal, they may be more concerned than ever.”

It has been observed that residents might be losing interest in online gambling because they were bombarded with advertising during the launch. The PublicMind poll also found out that the number of residents opposed to online gambling rose from 46% last year to 57% this year.

New Jersey managed to complete a long process to legalise online gambling, so perhaps legalizing marijuana might provide a similar ‘challenge’.

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