Rule of the HI-LO

One of the vital things to do before playing any game is to have a proper understanding of all the rules of the game. This is what will determine the quality and also the effectiveness of the strategy you eventually make use of when playing the game. It is important to note that all the online casino games you will ever come across have different rules, and this is why you should acquaint yourself with the rules of the HI-LO before you play the game. Interestingly, this game has one of the easiest to follow rules, and they are as follows:

1.       Six times 48 deck is used, each of which of all the ranks with the exception of tens.

2.       The card to be exposed include any winning card that is from the previous hand.

3.       The odds that are placed for the higher and the lower bets usually depends on what rank the exposed card has.

4.       A card is revealed as the winning card only after three cards have been burned.

5.       The card that is revealed for the next round is usually the winning card, and this process is usually repeated.

6.       Cards from previous rounds are usually added back to a continuous shuffler, which is used throughout the gameplay.

Pros of the HI-LO

The HI-LO game is not gaining popularity by luck. Its popularity can be attributed to a lot of inherent advantages of the game. If you are looking for a came that offers simplicity on an entirely different level, then the HI-LO is the best option for you. This game has one of the easiest to follow rules among all the casino games you will come across today.

It is very easy to bet whether a card is lower or higher, and you will not have to subject yourself to so much mental and emotional stress when you play this game. The chances of winning with this game are also higher than it is with other card online casino games. This is also one of the best games to begin with, if you are new to online casino games.