If you want to play a casino game with a difference you should try land based or online keno. Keno (pronounced “ki-nou”) is a game of chance. It is very similar to a bingo game and, as a result, in often attracts players who are out for an evening of relaxing fun. You have probably seen a game of Keno being played during your evening TV shows. In fact, you might already have played it. Keno is very often offered as a game in state lotteries. We’ve all seen the lovely lotto girl picking out numbered balls while people throughout the country watch their screens with bated breath. Well, playing keno at a casino is just as much fun. It provides you with the opportunity to win a massive amount of money while having lots of fun. There’s no stress or complicated rules to learn in the game. Just choose your numbers and hold your breath.

History of Keno

The game of keno has a long and treasured history. The game originated in ancient China. Legend has it that the widespread popularity of the game helped raise money in a time of war. The funds collected from the game helped fund the Great Wall of China.

How to play Keno

Whether you play land based or online keno, the game is very simple to learn and understand. At a land-based casino they might use a glass bubble which contains 80 balls. Each ball is numbered 1 – 80. During the draw a blower pushes air into the bubble. The balls get mixed up. Eventually a lever is pressed and this opens the tube. 20 numbered balls are drawn out and player’s winnings are calculated by the computerized keno system. Players can make a wager by marking 20 number choices on a blank keno ticket (numbered 1 – 80). After the players place their wages the casino draws the 20 numbers at random.

The player is paid by looking at how many numbers they guessed correctly. This is basically a game of chance so you can’t know for sure if your numbers will pop up. Many players like to use what they consider “lucky” numbers. For example: birth dates, anniversaries, favourite numbers. However, it is important to remember that “lucky” numbers do not necessarily work.

Each casino has its own rules when it comes to the paytables. The amount the player is paid depends on how many numbers on the ticket match the numbered balls that have been picked. Many casinos (including online casinos) have got more than one keno table. Each table will have various house edges. Be careful to find out what the house edge is at each table. Some tables may just be 4% while others can be up to 36%. No keno table has the same payouts. Look at land based and online keno tables to see which one will suit you.

Keno Terminology

Before you begin playing at a casino you need to know the terminology for the casino game.

Bet The amount of money that you will be wagering
Draw When the winning numbers have been drawn
Caller The individual who calls out the numbers that have been drawn
Cage Will hold the keno balls in place before the game begins
Draw Sheet A sheet that is printed out by the casino with the numbers drawn from the game. You can use this to check your ticket
Catch This happens when one of your numbers is drawn
Hit When a drawn number matches your one of your chosen numbers (same as ‘Catch’)
Keno Balls The balls that are used in Keno
Lounge A special are in land based casinos which is devoted to keno
Runners Staff of the casino who collect wages from keno player and paying the winners
Limit The amount that the casino is willing to pay out to all winners during one game
Live keno Keno played at a land based casino
Keno writers Staff who take bets, pay the winners and produce the tickets
Odds The probability of an outcome
Random number generator A program that randomly selects numbers for keno
Race A keno game
Wager The amount of money that you bet
Video keno Keno that can be played at an online casino
Net win The player’s winnings after the deduction of the ticket cost
Progressive A keno game which has a progressive jackpot. The jackpot grows until somebody wins it

Top Keno Bonuses

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Play Keno

If you’re a fan of casino games then play keno. Keno is game that you probably are aware of through games like the state lottery. It’s an easy and inexpensive way to give you a chance to win lots of extra money. Take the time to try out either land based or online keno. You will be entertained for hours when you play keno.