Online pachinko is not well-known yet in the online gambling world. This game is mostly available in Japan and is incredibly popular there. However, you can now play pachinko at some online casinos. Online casinos offer you a wide range of exciting casino games and now pachinko is one of them. For many of you the game is a new concept. Don’t feel intimidated about learning a new game. Just follow our trusty “how to” guide and you’ll soon be playing this exciting casino game.

Pachinko originated in Japan and is one of the most popular recreational arcade games. It is also found in many land based casinos in Japan. It is as popular as the slot machine is in America.

How to play Pachinko

The game very much resembles a pinball machine. However, it has no flippers and it uses a substantial number of small metal balls. The player is supposed to shoot balls into the machine. The machine itself has a number of pins. The balls need to go into certain slots. If this happens then more balls may be released. The object of the game is to capture as many balls as you can. The more balls you put in the slots the more money or prizes can be won.

The game has changed a lot over the years. Originally it was only supposed to be mechanical. However, modern ones have incorporated a lot of electronic mechanisms. This makes them very similar to video slot machines. Pachinko is very popular in Japan but is not very well known outside the country. It’s very unlikely that you’ll find this casino game outside of Japan at a land-based casino. Pachinko parlours are well-known in Japan but not outside of it. However, you can play this casino game at many online casinos. Online pachinko is becoming increasingly popular amongst players.


There are actually many types of Pachinko machines. However, most of the online versions are based on the bean machine. After you’ve inserted your money or made an online casino deposit the game will start. Balls are shot into the machine from a ball tray (or virtually if it’s an online casino game). The purpose is to try and win more balls. Sometimes there';s even a jackpot that can be won. There will be a slot machine attached in the centre of the pachinko games. If three matching symbols occur on the slot machine you will win the pachinko jackpot.

The balls will fall through a maze of about 500 pegs. Most of the balls will fall to the bottom and you won’t win any money from those balls. Other balls will fall into the winning pockets. When this happens the pachinko machine will light up with flashing lights and bells will go off.

Online Casino Advantages

Land based pachinko machines are very limited in what they can offer. Vintage pachinko machines can only offer players so much. However, online pachinko has integrated new aspects to the game that were not available before. For example, you can now play different game modes. For example some online pachinko games have a beserker mode which can help guarantee a player a win.

Some of the games also have an introductory animated video. This gives it a very video slot game feel. Some online pachinko games have a higher chance of winning than others.

It’s important to remember that pachinko is not a game of skill. You cannot make a strategic plan to win the game. It is controlled by a random number generator and it is essentially a game of chance. This is why it’s such a popular recreational activity in Japan.

Play Online Pachinko

Online Pachinko is one of the most exciting casino games that you can play online. It provides you with the opportunity to win a lot of money without learning any gaming skills. It is similar to slots, pinball and pool. It has become a cultural phenomenon in Japan and it is often played in pachinko parlours. The game is also slowly becoming popular in other countries. Gamblers play pachinko in land based and online casinos. Play pachinko at a top online casino today. Online pachinko is going to become one of the most popular casino games on the net.