You can play land-based or Online Sic-bo at all popular casinos. Sic-bo is for players who like a game of chance, a game of excitement and a game that will promise them a chance to win a lot of extra money. Sic-bo is a game of chance that is played with 3 dice. It is of ancient Chinese origin and it is widely popular in Asia (especially casinos in Macau). In the Philippines it is known as Hi-Lo. It can also be found at most American casinos and at some popular online casinos. Take the time to Play Sic-Bo. You just have to play at a top online casino. Sic-bo is also known as dai siu, big and small or tai sai.

Sic-bo Rules

The Sic-bo board can look very complex to players who are new to the game. However, the game itself is actually very easy. Three normal dice are thrown in a small cage by the dealer and players bet on the result of the dice throw.

You can bet on the following:

  • The total of the 3 dice
  • Any single number that will be thrown
  • Two specific numbers appearing on the dice
  • A combination of numbers

The payouts differ depending on probability. Like roulette you can place a number of various bets.

Place a bet in Sic-bo:


This is the easiest bet to make in Sic-bo. This is a bet on the total of the three dice roll. This ranges from 4 – 17. However, be aware that 3 and 18 are completely separate triple bets. Your payouts will be different based on the likelihood of each score. You will be able to make these bets on the Sic-bo table. You can make this bet playing online Sic-bo or land based Sic-bo.


This is a bet on two numbers. The numbers have to be specific. You make a bet on two of the numbers that will appear on the dice roll. Regardless of the combinations you bet on the payout will be 6 to 1. Betting on a combination is a medium risk bet.


The Double bet is a bet that two of a specific number will come up on the dice roll. The payout is 10 to 1 and you can bet on any double from 1 – 6. You cannot bet on any double, you have to bet on a specific double. However, you can make as many double bets as you like in combination with other bets.


This is a simple bet. All you are doing is betting that one specific number will show up on the three dice. The payout depends on how many times that number appears on the dice. For example, you will get paid 1 to 1 if the number only appears once. If the number comes up on 2 dice you will be paid 2 to 1 and if it comes on all 3 you will be paid 12 to 1. As you can see, whether you play online sic-bo or land based sic bo, there are many payout and betting options.

Small and Big

Here you can bet on the total of the three dice rolls being either Small (4 – 10) or Big (11 – 17). This is a lower risk bet and is similar to betting on Red/Black in roulette. However, remember that in land based and online Sic-bo, Big and Small both lose if triples appear. This is similar to the way the zero works in Roulette. It helps to give the casino a bit of an extra advantage.

Triple Bet

The triple bet is when a player bets on all three numbers. You can bet on any triple from 1 – 6 or bet that any triple will occur (a non-specific bet). The payout on a triple bet is 30 – 1 but a payout on a triple which is specific is 180 to 1. This is actually the largest payout in the game. In fact, the payouts in land based and online Sic-bo is much larger than the 25 to 1 single number bet in roulette.

How to learn Sic-bo

As you can see Sic-bo is a fairly easy dice game. However, reading a “how to” guide is not good enough. You have to learn from playing the game first. It won’t take too long to learn the game because it really is very simple and it is not so much a strategic game as it is a game of chance. In order to learn Sic-bo you should consider playing online Sic-bo. This way you can learn the game from your own home without the hassle and fuss of a land-based casino. Many online casinos offer players the option to play in free mode. This allows you to play for free in order to learn the game.

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Play Sic-bo today

You can play Sic-bo at any top online or land-based casino. Take the time to learn about this fun game of chance. Play land-based or online Sic-bo only at top casinos. Once you know the casino game well you are sure to walk away with an extra amount of money.