Online Casino Bonuses

The Online Casino Bonus is a well known system of perks offered by most competitive internet casinos. Every variation of anOnline Casino Bonus is made up of a number of bonuses – or a structure of bonuses – set up with the intention to lure players to the casino lobby. All players need to do is visit an Online Casino and read more about the structure of perks offered at the lobby. Some casinos will also release Online Casino Bonus Codes on subsidiary sites. Here players will be able to use the Online Casino Bonus Codes to their advantage when they sign up with the particular brand being advertised and receive extra Free Money in their player accounts.

Let us take a look at some better known Online Casino Bonus types that you can expect to find at most casinos on the web.

The Match Bonus

The Match Online Casino Bonus is usually promoted as a percentage, say a ‘100% Match Bonus’. This means that the first player deposit will be matched, or in this case doubled, by the casino. If a player deposits 100 Canadian Dollars, the casino will match it by another 100 Dollars. You can search net for Online Casino Bonus Codes promoting Match Bonuses, some of which may be even heftier than the incentives advertised on the casino’s website, and enter those as you apply for your bonus.

The Free Play Bonus

The Free Play Online Casino Bonus is given to players on one or a series of Online Games. Players will get to play for a limited amount of time, usually an hour. After the time is up, and if the player has made a profit, the casino will let the player keep the money for future play. Players will of course not be permitted to cash-in the money and will have to play according to the Wagering Requirements stipulated by the casino. This is why it is imperative that new players to a casino read the Terms & Conditions to find out exactly how any Online Casino Bonus functions.

The High Roller Bonus

The High Roller Online Casino Bonus acts identically to the Match Bonus, only it is reserved for players who are planning to deposit large amounts at once. These bonuses are lower in percentages but are quite lucrative nonetheless. Imagine a 50% High Roller Online Casino Bonus on a deposit of 1000 Canadian Dollars and getting 500 dollars extra. This means that you will begin playing at the casino with 1500 Dollars! There is an ample amount of Online Casino Bonus Codes you can find by searching the internet.

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