Online Craps is one of the most popular online casino games that you can find. It’s a game of chance and excitement. In a land based casino you will always find the craps table surrounded by excited players. Craps is one of the most nail bitingly exciting casino games you can find. You can now play free craps when you try your hand at online casinos. This means that you are more likely to understand the game when you play for money. 

Craps is a table game that is played with dice. Players make wagers on what the outcome of the dice roll will be. You can make a wager on the roll of a pair of dice or a series of dice. You can also make a wager against other players or against the casino itself. 

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There are a number of wagers that can be made when you play land based or online craps. It’s important for you to remember to always have strategy. Although it’s a game of chance there are a few rules that you can implement to give you the edge. The best strategy is to place bets with the lowest house advantage. This means that the best bets is the ‘Pass’ and the ‘Don’t Pass’ bets. These bets have the lowest house advantage. However, always remember that land based and online craps is a game of chance. You cannot always win this game even if you implement this golden rule.

Line Bets – This is the most popular bet because it has the smallest house advantage. The shooter needs to make a Pass Line or a ‘Don’t Pass’ line bet. You can bet on whether or not the shooter will achieve his/her line bet pass. The ‘Pass Line Bet’ is the most well known bet. You are betting that the shooter will win. ‘The Don’t Pass’ Bet is a bet that the shooter will lose. Both bets pay out even money.

There are a number of other bets that you can make.  ‘Odds’ is a bet with absolutely no house edge. Basically you are making a bet that the roll will be an odd number. 

The next bet is the ‘Come.’ Here you are making a bet that the shooter will roll their line bets. This is similar to the pass bet but the difference is that it can be made at any time. 

‘Don’t come’ is the same as the previous bet. The major difference is that it can be made on any of the shooters rolls except the come out roll. 

‘Place’ is very close to the odds wager. However, the major difference is that you do not have to have made a pass or a come out bet at the start. 

There is also ‘The Field’ bet. Here you make a bet that the roll will be anything from a 5 – 9. The bet will depend on one roll and the win will pay you even money. 

The Big 6 or Big 8 is a bet that either of these numbers will be rolled before a 7. This bet will pay you even money. However, this isn’t a favourite bet among players because if you make a single bet on a 6 or an 8 you’ll get a higher pay off. All of these bets can be made playing land based or online craps.


Rules of Craps

Land based and online craps have the same rules. The shooter who throws the two dice is known as the shooter. The player then makes a Pass Line or Don’t Pass Line bet. The player has to choose 2 out of 5 dice in a land based casino. 

The rounds have two phases. To start a round the shooter needs to make a come out roll. A roll of 7 or 11 means that the pass line wins. A roll of 2, 3 or 12 means that anyone who bet on the pass line loses. Any other rolls establishes a point. This is the number that must be rolled again before a 7 comes up. 

If the player hits the point value again before rolling a 7 then he/she wins. A new round will then start and the shooter will stay for the next round. The shooter should not roll out a 7 before the point number otherwise he/she will lose the round.


Play Online Craps

Play free craps before you play for money. You can do this by playing online craps. Craps is a fast paced and exciting online casino game that will keep you entertained for hours. Try out this casino game today at a top online casino.