Online roulette is one of the most popular online casino games on the net. It’s fast paced, exciting and you have an exciting opportunity to win lots of money. You can play free roulette at some top online casinos. This gives you the opportunity to learn the game before playing at a land based or online casino for real money.

How to play Roulette

“Roulette” stands for little wheel in French. You need to place a bet on a range of numbers or a single number. The numbers are around the wheel. In addition you can also bet on the colour that the ball will land on (red or black) or on whether the number will be odd or even.

There are usually up to 8 players around a roulette table. There is also a croupier who will handle the wheel and will pay the players out. Players will buy different coloured chips which they’ll put on the roulette table. The table will have the different bets where you can place your chips. The coloured chips represent different denominations and helps to distinguish the players.

After you’ve made your bet the croupier will spin the wheel. In online roulette this will be done automatically. A ball will then be dropped in the opposite direction on a circular track that surrounds the circumference of the roulette wheel. After a while the ball will eventually drop onto the wheel. This is one of the most exciting parts of any casino game. Players will all scream in anticipation until the magical moment when the ball drops to reveal the winning bets. There are either 38 numbers on the wheel (American roulette) or 37 numbers (French roulette). Players who corrected the number or colour correctly will be paid accordingly. To learn more you can check out our roulette strategy guide.

Types of bets

There are actually a number of bets that you can make in land based or online roulette. There are two types of bets you can make: inside and outside bets.


Straight – This bet has been mentioned before. This is a bet on a single number. 

Street – A bet on numbers that are on 3 horizontal lines.

Split – This is when you make a bet on two adjoining numbers.

Trio – A bet on three numbers that intersect.

Square – A three number bet on a single horizontal line.

Top line – This is not a very popular betting option. Here you are betting on 0, 00, 00, 1, 2 and 3.

Outside Bets

Red and black – a bet on the colour that the ball will land on.

1 – 18 – A bet that the ball will land on a number between 1 -18.

Even or odd – A bet on whether the ball will land on an even or an odd number.

Dozen bets – A bet on the first, second or third group of twelve numbers.

Column bets – A bet on twelve numbers that appear on a vertical line.

Play online roulette

If you want to play one of the most exciting casino games then play online roulette. Roulette is game of luck. Sometimes you’ll win and other times you won’t. Play free roulette at an online casino. Online roulette also offers you the chance to win lots of money and have a good time.